Rebel Barbers Beard Guide: Beard Care, Tips, and Interesting facts

Our experts at Rebel Barbers want to share their tips and tricks for beard care to help you! Here we will discuss which products to use to keep your beard healthy and well-groomed, our professional advice for styling, and finally, some facts about beards so that you can wear yours confidently. This is our complete beard guide specifically made for you so please, keep reading:

How to have a perfect beard? Useful tips from Rebel Barbers

To achieve a perfect beard, you must take great care of it and this requires a lot of commitment. So, let’s check out these useful tips we have collected for you:

A Complete Beard Guide: TIPS

Choose the beard cut that best suits you

If you are new to growing out a beard, we recommend you investigate a little about the different types and forms of beards. Here on our blog, we have a specific article about all about beard styles so you can choose what you think looks best and makes you feel the most confident. You can also come directly to the Rebel Barbershop and our experts will be able to guide you in the right direction.

You must be patient with your beard growth

While your beard grows, you need to be very patient. Do not be obsessed with the small gaps that may be on your face if the hair has not grown in yet. Keep in mind that as soon as your beard has grown in, you can shape it to make it appear lush and even. You can come to us for care and maintenance.

An often forgotten but significantly important part of having a perfect beard is to take care of the skin under your facial hair. You should keep the skin clean and hydrated and provide it with the nutrients that will help grow healthy and strong hair.

The basic products you will need to begin your journey are beard soap or shampoo, specific beard oil for your skin type (sensitive, dry, combined), and treatment to help the growth of facial hair.

You must wash your beard

Your beard must be washed every day, this is important on a hygienic level since a clean beard is a healthy beard. Washing requires some important steps so that the beard grows without any problems. First, you should purchase a special shampoo or soap. However, just like your hair, you do not have to wash your beard every single day. Instead of washing every other day with shampoo or about 3 or 4 times a week. On the days when you don’t use shampoo, you should still wet your hair and wash your face thoroughly with a skin cleaning product. 

Then you must dry your beard

Leaving excess water and moisture on/in your hair after washing damages the hair cuticle, as well as the hair follicle. To remove the moisture from your beard after you have washed it, use a towel. Dry it carefully as wet hair is more delicate than dry. We suggest the patting technique. Instead of harshly rubbing the towel into the hair, dap the towel on and off the wet areas. To finish, you can use a dryer at the medium temperature at most, high heat damages hair.

Additionally, a soft-bristled brush will help you groom the hair follicles so that the facial hair grows in an even direction.

Help your beard grow strong and healthy

When you start growing a beard your skin tends to change, it is important to have a good treatment to maintain the consistent and healthy growth of your beard.

The skin was used to shaving and now suddenly it is covered with facial hair. This can take some time for the skin to adjust to the new situation.

The solution is to clean and hydrate your facial skin daily with specific oils that help hair growth while keeping the face moisturized.

MoroccanOil is a line of products specifically made for hair moisturizing. You can find these products at Rebel Barbers for beard care, as well as hair treatments. It is one of the most useful products thanks to its design and variety. Moroccan Oil is great to help with your hair growth.

Use products for your beard

Using products for your beard is important to keep your skin and hair healthy and strong. Therefore, beyond styling, you must have beard oil, beard balm, and a good brush. All of these will help you keep the beard organized and nourished.

In addition to hydrating, the balms help to style and shape the beard. This product works as a very gentle hold that gives a natural look to your beard.

Sparrow Pomade is a water-based pomade that provides shine and styles hair. It is specially designed to give a touch of hydration to your beard while maintaining its soft properties. It’s not oil, it’s not balm, but it has parts of both elements and it’s great for your beard.

Finally, you should also have a napkin or towel and your oils on hand. These are important to utilize after you eat or smoke to help maintain a pleasant aroma and an impeccable appearance.

Beard Care: Shampoo and Soaps

When we talk about beard care, we are not only talking about a good-looking or well-shaped beard, we are also talking about a healthy beard that smells and feels good. This is why shampoo and soaps are very important elements in the process.

Beard hair is not like that of our head. It is thicker, curlier, and the skin underneath is not like that of the scalp, so we need different care.

Cleaning the beard

It is not just about aesthetics, it is more a matter of personal hygiene. There are many types of beards, but all hair is exposed to the environment and absorbs dirt from the air, in addition to the sebum on the skin itself. Furthermore, food residue, tobacco smoke is absorbed into pours, and other foreign things are likely to get trapped between the hairs. 

It is also common that in times of cold or extreme weather conditions the skin under the beard suffers.

We must choose specific shampoos, conditioners, and soaps to wash beards that are less aggressive than shampoos used for the head. The best options for beards are products that are less harsh and more natural and formulated with organic compounds.

KINMEN is a highly recommended line of beard care products. KINMEN offers a range of products from their beard shampoo, softening balsam, shaving cream, and an after-shave balsam. These products are designed to take care of skin irritation and beard hydration. This is one of the most popular products we use at Rebel Barbers for beards.

Why is it important to wash your beard often? 

Beards have natural oils (coming from your own body) that help the growth, strength, and shine. Washing too frequently can remove these natural oils and make it difficult to maintain a healthy beard. 

To get rid of all traces of dirt from the beard, it is necessary to wash it regularly with water, although the frequency in which you use shampoo depends on your skin type. 

Types of skin:

If you have oily skin, our recommendation is to wash your beard daily with a specific soap, that keeps your skin hydrated without letting the oil damage the appearance of your beard and your skin. With this daily hygiene routine, you will be able to eliminate dirt, moisturize the skin and hair, and avoid the peeling of the skin. Additionally washing it will help to eliminate bad odors.

If you have dry skin, it is important to choose a soap that, in addition to cleaning, hydrates and nourishes the skin. We recommend you wash your beard only two to three times a week. This way you will be able to remove dirt and prevent both the skin and the beard hair from drying out.

Recommended washing for beards is three times per week, using soaps or shampoos, and the rest of the time just rinsing it using only water. However, this does not mean that everyone should wash their beard exactly three times a week. Each beard is different and each day brings new situations where you may want to wash your beard or not.

Method for washing the beard

As the PH of the skin on our face and scalp are different, we should not use the same products to wash facial hair and the hair on our heads. Additionally, the different hair and skin require different washing techniques. Here are our tips to keep your beard healthy:

Start with a quarter-sized amount of product on the back of your hand or your fingertips. Apply the product evenly throughout the beard using pressure.

Spread throughout your beard going from the roots to ends. If you have a new beard you can apply with a little more pressure, since new beards tend to produce skin that flakes off. The pressure will help to better stimulate the follicles, achieving better development and growth.

Rinse your beard with plenty of water, to completely remove the shampoo or conditioner. Leaving product residue can cause itching or flaking once the beard is dry.

Another thing to keep in mind is the water temperature that is used for both washing and rinsing.

Using very hot water can make our skin too dry.

We recommend using warm water to wash your beard. Warm water is better than cold water for washing. It also opens our pores like hot water but without aggressive consequences.

Once we remove all the shampoo or soap, begin using a slightly colder water temperature to gradually close the pores. This technique also adds a natural polish that appears like a gentle shine.

Beard drying

After properly washing the beard, you need to dry it. Beard hair can trap water and maintain moisture without feeling wet to the touch. Therefore, it is important to dry your beard correctly to avoid any additional skin irritation.

The best technique is to dry your beard is gently patting the entire area with a clean towel. It is important that this is done gently because when the hair is wet it is more delicate.

Beard Care with Oils

Beard oil is a great ally, no matter how long yours is. Many people do not know the importance of using oils, but they are a must-have for style and moisture.

What is beard oil and what is it for?

Beard oils combine natural oils and essential oils to hydrate and repair both facial hair and the skin itself that hides behind the beard. 

All the ingredients are carefully combined and selected to take care of the beard and give it a healthy look avoiding the appearance of dandruff, flaking, redness, and itching. These issues are usually due to a lack of hydration and are commonly experienced during the initial growth of the beard. Additionally, beard oils provide control to the always rebellious facial hair, giving it a softness and organization.  

Remember that hydrating the beard and skin is not only aesthetically important but also necessary to maintain skin and hair health. Here are some of the benefits of using beard oils:

It gives your beard a good and fresh smell.

It hydrates and repairs facial hair, so it has a long life, looks healthy, and grows strong.

It provides shine and natural softness to the beard so that it always looks perfect.

It helps to avoid flaking, redness, and itching on the skin. You will find that with beard oil, scratching under the beard will be a thing of the past as it keeps the skin hydrated. No scratching will avoid unnecessary redness.

When should you start using beard oil?

Beard oil can be used for beards of any length, even if you have a completely shaved face. This may seem contradictory, however, the benefits of these oils are useful for any type of beard as it helps to maintain healthy skin regardless of hair length.

These oils are ideal for all skin types and can even be used both before and after shaving. Using beard oil before shaving helps to naturally soften the beard. Using the beard oil as an aftershave helps to soothe the skin and even acts as an antiseptic.

Schmiere is an oil specially made for facial hair care with a natural base of almond and jojoba oils. This product gives your beard a soft and shiny touch. If you want to try it, come into Rebel Barbers and ask our experts for more information. Our barbers will gladly use it with you.

How to use beard oil?

We always recommend applying the oil after showering, because it is when your skin and hair pores are naturally open and can receive moisturization.  

Put a few drops of oil in your palm and distribute well between both hands. You should use between 2 to 5 drops of oil depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Apply over the entire beard with a gentle massage. Start first by reaching the skin under your hair with your fingertips, then continue massaging until all the facial hair has been covered.

Comb or brush your beard to remove knots, loose hair, stimulate skin circulation (which promotes growth), and style your beard for a more put-together look.

Beard oil or balm: Are these products the same?

When you make the decision to grow out a beard you also dedicate time to caring for it. It may be one of the most frequent questions of every bearded man who starts using beard products, oil, or balm? They are the same? They are similar but they are not the same.

Beard balms are created through a process of mixing, heating, and cooling ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax. While beard oils are made through a mixture of essential oils, and in some cases fragrances.

About these products

Beard balm

Beard balm is the right choice for medium-length or long beards. It is also useful for those with sparse beards or fine facial hair. Beard balms are generally made from butters and waxes, so unlike beard oil, the balm will absorb more slowly and will give the beard a stronger hold. 

Avoid using balms that contain artificial sealers like petroleum jelly or artificial silicones, as these can irritate your skin and damage facial hair. Beeswax or lanolin will take care of your beard and your skin without irritating it or causing damage.

The best beard balm that you can use should contain natural moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. Without these hydrating elements, the sealers will cause the hair to dry out, making it brittle leading to breakage.

Among the products we use at Rebel Barbers, Uppercut Deluxe is the one we recommend. This is a very light balm, with a creamy consistency that provides just the right amount of hold to give a healthy look while also helping to comb and style the beard. This balm is water-based and oil-free, so it has a shine-free finish.

We also recommend Reuzel aloe balm which keeps your beard soft and manageable, as well as helping to keep it groomed for longer.  At Rebel Barbers, our experts will walk you through each product and help you decide which is best for you. 

How to use beard balm?

Wash your beard with a natural shampoo or soap and dry your beard.

Take a little of the beard balm by sliding your finger over the surface, start with a small amount so you can see how much is necessary with your beard length.

Spread the product on the palm of your hands and apply it to the beard. We recommend you start with the neck, then the chin area, and then continue applying to the rest of your beard. 

Massage the balm with your fingertips to reach the skin that hides behind your hair. 

Finally, slide your hands in movements up and down until the entire beard is covered with the balm.

Beard oil

Beard oil is a product that is recommended for all types of beards, but it is especially useful during the early stages of beard growth.

One of the benefits of beard oil is that it softens and nourishes facial hair, as well as the skin behind it. This eliminates itching and repairs the hair so that the beard grows out healthy and strong.

The oil, being liquid, is absorbed by the skin and hair much faster than the balm. The oil will leave your beard soft, silky, and shiny. It will also help to eliminate those undesirable knots and tangles. But you should not confuse this with styling, the styling feature of beard oil is not the same as that of balm.

How to use beard oil?

First, wash your beard with a natural shampoo or soap, and dry your beard. 

Put a few drops of the oil on the palm of your hand and distribute it well between both hands. 

Apply over the entire beard with a gentle massage. We recommend that you start first by reaching the skin behind the hair by using your fingertips, and then continue with a gentle massage until you’ve covered the entire beard.

Finally, comb through your beard to remove knots and loose hair to give it a put-together appearance.

Can I use beard oil and balm at the same time?

Of course! But you need to be careful with the amount you use. Keep in mind that the oil is absorbed quickly and that the balm gives us to hold and moisturize. 

The best combination is to apply a small amount of oil to the skin and then use the balm to hydrate and groom the beard. That is oil for the face and balm for the beard.

Things you didn’t know about beards

The beard is not just facial hair that looks nice. The beard is also a symbol of respect and wisdom. In recent years beards have come back into fashion, but at Rebel Barbers, we think beards are timeless. In addition to all the advice we have provided you with, we also want to share some interesting, less known information about beards. 

How much does the beard grow per second?

The beard grows 5 nanometers per second, which is the same as: 0.0000005 cm per second. The funny thing is that this unit is known as ‘beard per second.’

How many hairs do you have in your beard?

People have about 6,000 to 15,000 hair follicles on the face and neck, a number decided by genetic makeup.

How long could your beard be if you never cut it?

Throughout your life, a person could cut and trim off approximately 8 meters or 26 feet of hair.

45% of people prefer not to grow a beard

This is the percentage of people worldwide who choose a clean shaved face over growing out a beard. According to studies, they prefer a hair-free face for aesthetics and comfort.

Your beard can be a scarf

According to the Birmingham Trichology Center, the beard prevents sickness by acting as a scarf. With this we can understand why Vikings and other bearded men living in cold climates typically have long, thick beards – they are protecting themselves from a cold!

Your beard serves as a sunscreen

Your beard also works in warmer climates, according to studies by the University of Sothern Queensland, Australia. Beards keep your face hydrated as it locks in water to the skin. Beards also protect your face from the wind.

Why did men start shaving?

Many centuries ago, during hand-to-hand combat, beards made soldiers more vulnerable. Alexander the Great’s army was required to shave because he realized that the enemies grabbed his soldiers by the beard to make them fall from their horses.

Beards are historic

Egyptian queens also wore beards as a symbol of power. These people would gather the cut hair of others to style it in the shape of a beard of their own. Egyptian pharaohs shaved their entire bodies, including their head, as a method of hygiene. However, they left a lock of hair on their chin. In Greece, facial hair was considered a symbol of strength. They only shaved as a sign of mourning or as a punishment.

Fear of beards? Pogonophobia

Pogonophobic people experience a diagnosed fear of facial hair. These people typically have negative experiences associated with beards which lead them to feel uncomfortable with or around those who have facial hair.

A beard for every face

The Gillette company stated that there are about 18 official different types of beards that fit the four different types of faces. This study also included the mustache, the goatee, and even the sideburns.

How strong is beard hair?

Beard hair is 1,000 times stiffer than skin. If it is dry, its strength can be compared to that of copper wire.

The 3-day beard

Many women say they like bearded men, but according to some studies, women like a 3-day beard much more than a long, bushy beard. Although everyone has their own personal preference. 

The beard and the army don’t get along

Many armies in the world require a clean shaved face. This is due to more than just the aesthetic, it is a strategy.

Kilometric beards

People who practice the Sikh religion, many living in India, do not cut their hair or beards. This is a religious custom that says hair is a gift from God and should not be altered. 

Your beard requires more than a wash

Taking care of your beard is an important task, otherwise, you might experience a bad smell, dandruff, and very weak or dull hair. An attractive beard requires that you come directly to Rebel Barbers.

We hope that this guide has provided you with useful information to know what products to use, how to care for your beard, and where to go for the best service when you are in Medellin. We hope you wear your beard with confidence and pride.