Studies reveal: Men with beards are the most attractive

According to research published in the ‘Journal of Evolutionary Biology’, having facial hair makes men more desirable and appear more confident. If you are a bearded man, you surely want to take care of your beard with the highest quality services. That is why Rebel Barbers, the best barber shop near Lleras Park, Medellin is ready to welcome you.

Facial hair, like your haircut style, affects the perception that others have of you. Appearance matters and it is important to have a look that you think best represents you so that when people see you upon first glance, they get an idea of who you are.

Beards in the eyes of women

According to some research, having a good beard and strong facial features can be representative to good health, self-hygiene, and wisdom. These are qualities some women look for in a long-term partner. Research has also explored the evolutionary need for thick facial hair, representing a survival quality. 

Recently, the beard has become a trend and does not so much represent survival as it might have in the past. There are many men who sport beards to display their style but they must pay close attention to specialized care such as consistently trimming, washing, and combing their beard. At Rebel Barbers, we offer a classic shave service, perfect to help you maintain and care for your beard. 

Do beards make you more attractive?

Some research has found that men who have a beard are more attractive. Many people have beards for aesthetics and others for comfort, but regardless of the reason for having a beard, it can be seen as a sign of respect and power.

One study photographed the same men at different stages of growing out their facial hair: freshly shaved, five days later, ten days after shaving, and finally four weeks later. The highest score was for men with a five-day beard, followed by four weeks later with a full beard and finally, those with a one-day stubble. Therefore, the highest scores were for those who had some sort of facial hair. 

Women who participated in the study said that prominent but well-groomed beards make men more attractive. According to those women, men with beards look healthier and seem as though they will make better long-term partners. Additionally, having a full, lush beard makes you look very masculine. Not to mention, researchers at the University of Southern Queensland found that a thick beard can block up to 95% of ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to the skin and can lead to cancer.

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What message does a beard send and why do men wear it?


The beard is one of the best enhancements for men who want to try a new look and gain confidence. Rocking a beard is a sign of good hygiene and self-confidence.


Having a healthy beard is a sign of excellent self-hygiene as a beard requires a daily care routine. Beard health is also reflected by the types of food you eat and how you care for your body. Therefore, having a healthy beard also reflects a healthy lifestyle. 


Facial hair is seen as a form of maturity and respect. Those who have facial hair, a beard in particular, often look older and wiser compared to those who do not have facial hair. 

Social status

Most people associate the beard with a mark of respect, power, and wisdom. 

While having a well-groomed beard is a challenge, it shows the self-hygiene of men and their dedication to style. Facial hair is not only a feature that contributes to appearance, as it also represents other aspects such as self-esteem and self-confidence. 

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