Beard Dandruff: Rebel Barbers has the solution

Beards, like our hair, are susceptible to various elements such as the weather and our skin. Unfortunately, dandruff is one of the consequences. But what are the solutions if you are in Poblado, Medellín, and need help with this matter? Your nearby barber shop has the ideal formula.

Dandruff is a dermatological condition that causes alterations in the skin of the scalp and in the skin under the beard.

Cold, stress, genetic history, and/or a fungus are the main things that can cause your beard to develop dandruff.

Is dandruff in your beard normal?

Yes! You are not the first person to suffer from itching and dandruff in the beard. The peeling of the skin for different reasons is common and, in most cases, has a solution.

According to a study published by the journal of Scientific Reports, the main cause of dermal scaling is the imbalance between various bacterial species that inhabit the skin.

Why does dandruff appear in the beard?

Why dandruff appears in the beard is different in every case and it is very important to know the root cause to be able to treat it and prevent its reappearance. However, regardless of the reason why you may have dandruff, try to maintain proper daily hygiene, regularly exfoliate the skin under your beard and apply beard products that nourish the hair and facial skin.

There are several reasons why dandruff appears in the beard, the most common are:

Fungus: We all produce yeast called Malassezia Fufurr, which lives in the superficial layers of the dermis. If it grows too fast it can lead to an increased amount of fatty acids in the beard. These have a strong irritant capacity, which can cause the stimulation of mitosis in the cells of the basal layer of skin. In addition to being one of the possible causes that produce the intense itching of the beard, which occurs in these circumstances, the fungus causes the skin to fall off quickly resulting in the flakes we know as dandruff.

The cold: Cold weather causes the skin to dry out quickly. When skin is not hydrated it tends to flake off. 

Stress, nutrition, and rest: It has been proven in numerous studies that stress produces an alteration in our glands, influencing the appearance of dandruff in the beard. In addition to stress, a poor diet, a lack of some vitamins or an insufficient amount of rest can cause dandruff in the beard. These things also tend to cause hair loss.

Try to get enough sleep, maintain a healthy and balanced diet, and hydrate properly. 

Dehydration and lack of care: For your beard to be in good condition it is very important to establish a daily routine of basic care. This will limit many problems with facial skin and hair.

Incorrect use of shampoo for the scalp: Another cause of the appearance of dandruff in the beard is the use of shampoos for the scalp in the beard. Traditional shampoos are more aggressive, causing an alteration in our facial dermis.

Sensitive skin: If your skin is sensitive or dry, the products you use for its care must be specific and hypoallergenic. Avoid products with chemicals or added fragrance. 

How to remove dandruff from the beard?

First, we have to be patient with this process and remember that it will take about 3 weeks or even a month to see the results clearly as we must rebalance our skin.

Brush the beard

Brushing detangles the beard hair while massaging the skin. Use a soft bristle brush to help gently remove flakes.

Exfoliate the skin under the beard

Exfoliating the skin is very important to avoid the accumulation of dead cells, one of the main causes of dandruff in the beard. You should choose a fine-textured exfoliating product if your skin is sensitive or a coarse-textured scrub if you have a skin type without sensitivity and your beard is thick.

Beard shampoo 

One of the first steps we must do is to acquire a specific soap or shampoo for the beard that will be gentler for the hair and skin, avoiding the aggressiveness of those specific to the scalp.

Remember to wash the beard well, let the shampoo be absorbed into the skin, letting it act for a couple of minutes. Then rise the beard thoroughly, making sure to never leave soapy residues on our beard. This can cause itchiness and increase the appearance of dandruff in the beard.

Do a deep cleanse

On a regular basis, a minimum of three times a week, you should wash your beard with a specific soap and remove any accumulated residue. Rinse the beard hair well with warm water and dry it with a towel.

Beard oil 

The hydration of the beard is essential for eliminating dandruff. It is important to use oil specific for beards. Beard oils are made up of essential oils which have both moisturizing and restorative properties, helping to strengthen the beard.

Go to your nearest barber shop

Rebel Barbers is very close to you in Poblado, Medellin and we have beard experts who are ready to help! We can give you a diagnosis and start a personalized treatment to recover your beard and protect your skin from future breakouts.