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Rebel Barbers is the quintessential barbershop for today’s modern man.

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Signature Haircut

Signature Men’s Haircut

Classic Shave Rebel Barbers

Classic Shave

Rebel Experience 3

Rebel Experience

We provide all of the traditional barbershop services in el Poblado, Medellin, including signature men’s haircuts, straight razor shaves, and luxurious scalp massages.

Signature Men’s Haircut

Signature Mens Haircut icon

Looking for a trim or a new hairstyle? Our signature men’s cut includes a hot facial towel, shampoo, massaging conditioner, cut, and style.

$15 USD

Beard Trim

Classic Shave icon

The single, sharp edge of a straight razor allows for maximum contact with the skin, giving the closest, smoothest shave that can last for days.

$15 USD

The Rebel Experience

Scalp Massage icon

The Rebel Experience includes Haircut, beard trim, face exfoliation, black face mask, scalp massage and a cocktail.

$55 USD

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Call us to learn about our multi-level membership packages that offer exclusive perks and services.

  • Unlimited Haircuts
  • Unlimited Shaves
  • Unlimited Scalp Massages
  • Priority Reservations