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Classic haircut for men

Looking for a haircut or a new hairstyle? Our signature men’s haircut includes: A hot face towel, shampoo, conditioning massage, cut and style.

$20 USD

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Classic shave

The single, sharp edge of a straight razor allows for maximum skin contact, providing the smoothest and most accurate shave that can last for days.

$20 USD

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Scalp massage

Relaxes the mind and improves circulation. Scalp massages reduce stress, neck and back tension, and relieve headaches.

$20 USD

We offer all the services of a traditional barber shop, including men’s haircuts, classic shaves, and extraordinary head massages.

1 Service:

$20 USD

2 Service

$35 USD

3 Service:

$45 USD


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$200 USD

9 Services

3 Extra Services

3 National Beers

Valid for 3 months


$350 USD

15 Services

5 Extra Services

3 Rebel Cocktails

2 Beers

Valid for 6 months


$520 USD

22 Services

10 Extra Services

6 Rebel Cocktails

4 Beers

Valid for 1 year

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