Curly hair looks great on men too!

If you are a man with curly hair, and yet you are not sure how to care of your mane, we have a complete guy about it. Don’t worry; it’s easier than you think.
The care of curly hair has taken a lot of attention, because a healthy and natural mane is what everybody wants now, women and men, so that is why in the cosmetic field you can find plenty of products that help you keep it perfect… but not everything is about products, what will really help your hair is the care technique you apply to it.
Understanding the needs of curly hair will make it much easier to follow a proper routine.

Curly hair is NOT a nightmare

Men with curly hair who don’t know how to manage it tend to shave their hair to avoid having to deal with the care of a curly mane.
At first it is difficult to tame, because it is a complicated texture, of course styling it can be frustrating too, making it look good is not easy either, but it is really just a matter of knowing how to take care of it, so that it is easier to manage and you can show it off with pride.

First, let’s get to know curly hair

Before telling you what steps to take when caring for your hair, you must first understand what curly hair looks like and what it needs. This type of hair requires very specific care to ensure is healthy:
Curly hair is generally more fragile than other hair types. This is because the hair fiber has an irregular shape that leaves it more exposed to external damage.
Curly hair does not fall out as much as straight hair, but it dries more because it has a different texture and thickness than straight hair and a greater amount of keratin, which makes it stronger and less prone to falling out, but also more prone to hair dryness.
The curvature prevents the natural oils of the scalp from being evenly distributed throughout the fiber. This is why shampoos, conditioners and masks that provide extra moisture are great allies for men with curly hair.

How to care for curly hair for men

To start with, you need a good haircut to give it shape, it is important to choose a haircut that goes with the texture management and makes you look great. You can come to RebelBarbers for a stylish and well-shaped haircut. Curly hair is free and fun but you must tame it or you can have a nest on your head. 

If you want you can check out our article about the right haircuts according to your personality and face and how to choose them, or come directly and our stylists can guide you.

Define your curls

Defined curls clump well, so you can take strands of hair and make a twist with your fingers, you can help with conditioner or styling cream, we can say that the hair is defined once you release it and the curl is formed.
This helps hair regain the shape of the curls and keep it, also, it provides elasticity to your curls and absorbs the product you apply much better.

Control the frizz

If your hair has frizz, it’s because it’s seeking moisture from the environment. When it absorbs moisture from the environment, it swells and changes its shape, which is known as frizzy hair.
Too much moisture in the environment is a problem for curly haired guys. Moisturizing the hair a lot minimizes this phenomenon.
Help yourself with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and oils also help a lot.

Reduce the frequency of washing

Washing your hair removes the natural oils that coat your curls, leaving your hair dry and dull. So change the frequency, instead of washing it every 2 days, do it every 3 or 4 days, and moisturize with oils on the ends (also on the roots if you have dry hair, if you tend to have oily roots, it is not recommended).

Managing curls is simple but you need to be consistent with moisturizing. If you have dry and unruly curls it will take you some time to adjust your routine and recover the elasticity of your hair, but be patient and remember to keep the shape of your hair adapted to its texture with a good haircut. We are waiting for you at RebelsBarbers.