Hair care for men with greasy hair

Greasy hair is a problem for both men and women and it is not always easy to solve, as many products are not specialized or tend to dry out the hair, instead of reducing oiliness without causing a negative effect.
If you are a man and have dealt with this problem, we will help you to know the causes and how to manage it, to look healthy, hydrated and silky, without looking greasy.
We will help you create a routine for cleaning your hair and some very useful tips to take care of it.

First of all, how do you know if you have oily/greasy hair?

Normally greasy hair looks like it is dirty, which makes you look pretty bad, right?

You know you have oily/greasy hair when:

  • Your hair gets dirty right after you wash it, even if you use a shampoo for oily/greasy hair; it goes back to its greasy state overnight.
  • The hair clumps together in a mass, instead of being loose between each strand, and all the hairs are sticking together.
  • It looks like you have been sweating and you can feel it especially at the roots of your hair.

Now, why do you have oily hair?

Having a little oil is normal and necessary for the hair to be healthy. It is natural for your scalp to produce sebum, which shields your hair from breakage and acts as a waterproof layer to protect the scalp.

But you should know that excessive oil production can occur for one of these reasons:

  • Genetics: we inherit characteristics from our ancestors and this is a problem that, although difficult to treat, has a solution, you may not eliminate the excessive production completely, but it can be controlled.
  • Hormones: an increase in hormones affects sebum production and especially in the teenage stage, hormones are creating changes throughout your body and therefore, you could produce much more oil in your hair.
  • Scalp diseases: sometimes your body produces excess oil to fight other ailments; dry scalp, psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis are ailments that cause increased sebum production.
  • Your stress levels: your sebaceous glands are sensitive to your emotional state. When you are under stress, your scalp and skin may produce more sebum, among other things.

Now, let’s get to some solutions that can help you treat greasy hair:

We will try to help you lower the oil levels in your hair, so that it doesn’t look sticky, plus this will improve your overall appearance:

Change your washing routine:

You probably think that the more you wash it, the more the grease will go away and truth be told, it doesn’t! Your clean hair can tend to get worse, it might over moisturize or dry out, as your scalp will notice the lack of oil due to the wash and will produce more… wash it every 2 days to give your scalp a chance to produce an adequate amount.

Use less styling products:

There are products that leave residue on the hair. Styling products are the biggest culprits, but shampoos and conditioners are also guilty of leaving residues on the hair. When these residues accumulate on the scalp or the outer layer of each hair, the greasy feeling is real, so just use what you really need… and remember, once you find a product, try to stick to it, because changing hair products frequently can also cause greasy hair.

Try not to touch your hair too much:

Your hands can cause it to get dirty and it will look greasy and sticky.

Exfoliate your scalp:

There are treatments to deeply clean both the scalp and hair. To oxygenate the follicles and thoroughly cleanse the scalp we have very good products, in addition Rebel Barbers offers a scalp massage that will not only serve to relax you, it will also help with exfoliation.