Your hair can be the color you want – Hair bleaching for men

You want a radical and complete change of look and you have seen some flashy colors? Why not do it? The trend of bleaching men’s hair is getting stronger and stronger and the list of celebrities joining the trend and making this radical change of look continues to grow.
Of course, you must know the process, first the bleaching to prepare your hair to achieve the color you want to look vibrant and different.
If you’ve been thinking for a while that you want to experiment with your hair and take it to an extreme shade, we’ve prepared all the information you need to make the decision.

Bleaching “virgin” hair…

Virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically treated, which is the case for many men.
Bleaching is a chemical process used to remove hair color. To bleach hair – whether virgin or previously colored – you need bleach, which you can as powder or paste, and an oxidant such as peroxide, also known as hydrogen peroxide.
Bleaching is a tremendous product because you can go from brunette to blonde in just one application, but it is as dangerous as it is fun, so it’s best to get it done by a professional, like our stylists at RebelBarbers.

Some questions about bleaching your hair:

How long does a bleaching process take?

The time you will spend on the process will be at least one hour and will depend on some factors: the result you want, the quality of your hair, your original color, texture and other factors that can make your hair bleach faster or take longer.

Does bleach really damage the hair?

Yes, during bleaching process the hair suffers irreversible damage. But, if it is professionally applied, your hair will not suffer so much and you will be able to wear a new color without so much damage.

How many bleachings can be done on the hair?

It depends on a few factors:

Your hair type, how strong it is, the intensity of the bleach and how long you leave it on.

Is there bleach that does not damage the hair?

No. And if they tell you otherwise, they are lying to you. All bleaches are damaging to hair and if they weren’t, they wouldn’t have the lightening power you need to get to a blonde shade. 

You will find bleaches that claim to be ammonia free but they have simply replaced the ammonia with something very similar, which is just as harmful.

What is the care of bleached hair?

Of course for your hair to look healthy after this process, it is important that you take measures to protect it so it doesn’t look like a mess.

Touch up frequently

Bleaching hair for men requires constant maintenance. You should go to the salon at least every month and a half to two months for touch-ups.

Use a mattifying shampoo

It is important to consider using a mattifying shampoo at least once a week, this will help you to keep the color neutral, without the orange or reddish hues that might appear in the meantime.


You’re probably not used to using a complex wash system, so try to use at least one high quality conditioner with each wash.

Avoid heat

The best way to keep your hair’s cuticle and texture strong is to avoid using blow dryers or flat irons once you’ve bleached your hair.

Remember to choose a color that you like and highlights your personality… do it without fear, because today’s man tends to take care of himself and to look innovative, therefore a bright color is a symbol of courage.