Tips to protect your hair during the fall season

After the summer, the sun, the salt of the sea, and the chlorine of the swimming pools, Autumn arrives accompanied by wind and cold days. It is important to protect your hair during the fall and winter seasons.
Autumn is the season when trees shed their leaves and a time of year when men suffer the most from hair loss. The wind and humidity frizz and dry the scalp, which often leads to weakened hair that can appear duller and eventually thin out. These factors make it especially important to implement a hair care routine during the fall to combat hair loss and thinning.
Tips to protect your hair during the fall season

Rebel Barbers is here to help you put together a routine for protecting your hair from the fall weather. It may not seem like a big deal until you notice the difference, and how your hair is not as healthy as it should be.

1. Cut your losses!

During the summer, hair tends to get quite damaged, so we advise you to come to Rebels Barbers and get a shape up to at least remove split ends. Remember, we are the best barbershop in Poblado, Medellin with years of experience. You can also ask for a moisturizing and repairing treatment. Staring the fall season with healthy hair will help you reduce hair loss.

2. Massage your scalp.

Activating circulation is one of the keys to keeping hair nourished. By dilating the capillaries, you increase blood flow and, therefore, the nutrients reach all the way down to the bottom of the hair, as opposed to just staying at the root. At Rebel Barbers, we gently massage the scalp with the fingertips. You can easily add a specialized scalp massage to your haircut appointment.

3. Use brushes with natural bristles.

Thoroughly brushing your hair every day activates circulation. Natural bristled brushes are ideal for this because they protect the hair from additional breakage more than plastic bristles do.

4. Increase vitamins and water in your diet.

Although it may seem like a secondary aspect, eating habits greatly influence the appearance and strength of hair. A rich diet in vitamin B strengthens hair, while minerals such as iron or magnesium, and the right proteins help your hair look healthy and shiny. There are even specific foods such as brewer’s yeast that help your hair recover from damage and regain strength.

Additionally, it is essential to keep your body hydrated by consuming the right amount of water daily, which can be done both through drinking and consuming foods that contain water. This is to prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle.

5. Don’t use heat to style it.

When the cold arrives, it is common to resort to a blow-dryer, iron, or other heating devices to counteract the cold and frizz. And we all know that getting out of the shower and using the blow-dryer on full blast during the winter is one of life’s little joys. However, these types of devices damage the capillary structure, so it is best to reduce their use to a minimum and, when we use them, to do so with the lowest possible temperature and exposure time. Before using the blow-dryer, try to towel dry to absorb as much moisture as possible so that the contrast of heat with wet hair is not so drastic. We also advise that you protect your hair with a heat protectant product before using a blow-dryer.

6. Relax and clear your mind.

Aside from genetic makeup, stress is one of the main factors that increase hair loss. In addition to affecting the circulation of the scalp, it worsens the appearance of the hair and causes alterations in the capillary cycle. Therefore, try to clear your mind of worries and stress and practice daily medications.

7. Hydration is key.

To prevent hair from becoming dry and dull in the autumn, it is essential to deep condition. It is important to choose the right products for each type of hair, as well as to apply a conditioner that strengthens the hair. If you are in Medellin, you are close to the best barbershop in Poblado, Rebel Barbers and our staff is well prepared to help you find the best conditioner for your hair type.

8. Don’t wash your hair every day!

Many of us have the habit of doing it, but in cold weather, it is especially important you only way your hair every two or three days. This is because water and other products that we apply to our hair, although many of them are indicated for daily use, wash away the natural oils that help it maintain hydration and strength.

9. Change your conditioning techniques.

Try not to apply the product to the roots, as this could make your scalp greasy. Instead, apply it to the tips of your hair and work it inwards. Conditioner has components that keep the hair hydrated, in addition to preventing breakage during brushing.

4 tips to avoid hair loss during the fall

A hair fiber has a normal growth period between 2 and 6 years before it enters a resting phase known as telogen, at which point the hair typically falls out. Cold and dry weather contributes to hair loss, making it especially important to put together a hair care routine during the fall and winter seasons.

Here are some tips from our experts at the best barbershop in Poblado, Medellin, to take care of your hair and keep it strong and healthy, regardless of the season.

Avoid pulling it.

Brush frequently but gently, and never do it when the hair is wet because it is the most vulnerable to breakage. Also, if you have long hair avoid pulling it at the root.

Increase iron intake.

If you have an iron deficiency this may be one cause of your hair loss. The best sources of iron include fish, egg yolks, and dark green leafy vegetables like spinach. You can also take a daily iron supplement.

Improve your nutrition in general.

The follicle receives its nutrients from the blood. Therefore, studies show that diets that contain fatty acids such as omega-3, proteins, vitamin B12, A, and C, as well as iron, help prevent a dry scalp and, consequently, the thinning of its fibers. Eat well and take care of your hair!

And, last but not least, go to the best barbershop in Poblado, Medellin to get a good haircut, a relaxing scalp massage, and the best advice for your hair type.