Step by step guide: How to shave?

The art of shaving takes a lot of practice, patience, and detail. Just because you use a razor does not mean you are necessarily doing it correctly. Our experts at Rebel Barbers want to share some tips for shaving so that every man can become an artist.

To begin, you need to know your face and your skin very well. Rebel Barbers has a team of experts who can do it for you, but we know that there is no one like yourself to take care of your face. Besides, you are not always so close to a good barber. However, if you are in Poblado, Medellin, you are very close to the best barbershop in the city.

How to shave?

Does it only take five quick minutes in front of the mirror with a little lather and a disposable razor? Perhaps if you are in a pinch for time, however, the art of shaving requires much more attention.

The truth is that there is no comparison with a classic razor shave. But not only because it’s more soothing, but it’s also a healthier technique for your skin and your beard.

It is important that you know your skin type and the things that could damage it. Our skin suffers when it is not well protected. A beard also causes additional sweat and accumulation of bacteria. Therefore, once you shave, the skin that was under the beard is especially vulnerable.

The best technique for shaving your beard

The pre-shave process will help protect your skin

Before you shave, you should exfoliate your face and open the pores. To dilate your pours, it is best to use a damp, warm towel over your face. These techniques will help your skin maintain its softness and allow the razor to glide smoothly over the hair.

Wet your beard

Next, make sure your beard is wet before applying shaving cream or shaving foam. This will soften the hair. It will also help reduce cuts and avoid irritating the skin.

Applying shaving cream

Now, you should apply a palm-full of shaving cream or shaving gel. Choose the type of product that best suits your hair, depending on whether you have a soft or coarse hair texture.

Pro tip: Use a brush

We advise using a brush to spread the cream evenly throughout the beard if your hair is longer. Use a natural bristled brush to spread the product completely so your beard can absorb the product properly.

Razor care

Caring for your razor is very important. Don’t forget to wash it before and after use with warm water or alcohol.

How to shave properly?

It’s time to use the blade. If you have a razor, make sure it is a quality one with blades that are not too worn.

Shave with smooth strokes, remember that shaving is an art, so let the movements flow as if you were painting. Be careful not to go too deep to avoid cuts.

You should rinse the blades of your razor while you are shaving your beard. If you don’t, the blades won’t do their job and hairs will be left behind.

You should also rinse the razor if you are using a classic blade. With this, you must be much more careful, and if it is well sharpened you should not shave over the same area more than 2 times.

After-shave is very important

After completing your shave, you must close the pores and soothe your skin, which will be very sensitive and soft immediately after shaving. Gently cover your face with a warm towel. In addition to rehydrating your face, it helps to close the pores and provides a feeling of freshness. After shaving, you should also use a lotion, oil, or moisturizing cream.

Final recommendations:

Follow these steps and you will have a professional, smooth, and long-lasting shave, with no damage to your skin, remember:

1- Regularly change your razor blades.

2- Don’t shave every day as this can cause cuts, dryness, and damage to your skin.

3- Take your time and enjoy your shaving days.

And if you want you can come to the best barbershop in Poblado, Medellin, Rebel Barbers for a classic shave with our experts.