Complete guide to men’s haircuts 2022: Styles, colors, and trends for the modern man

Rebel Barbers is always staying on top of the latest trends. We want to share our expert knowledge with you to inspire a fresh look for 2022. Here we will discuss the up-and-coming haircuts for men and hairstyle trends for men that will take center stage in 2022.

Men’s haircuts for 2022 go beyond the typical classic cut. We are seeing some trends fade away, while others have been reinvented. Additionally, we have some very new, bold styles that have arrived and pleasantly surprised us.

Remember that a man typically looks for simple, basic elements to define his style:

  • A fresh, modern look
  • Attention to detail
  • Easy and comfortable styling

Men’s haircuts and trendy hairstyles 2022:

First, let’s take a look at what’s been in style, and what will stay in style with the new season. Then, let´s talk about how to tailor the looks to your face and personality.

  • Shaved haircut or Buzzcut

Not only is a buzzcut extremely easy to manage, it’s also incredibly fashionable right now. It can be achieved by simply running clippers over your head and can be completed in less than 5 minutes. A buzzcut requires a freshening up every week or so, but other than that requires no maintenance and looks great on any type of man as it can give a rugged or elegant look. If you like color, this style lends itself to trying different options like platinum or bold colors like electric blue or pink.

  • Mushroom cut

This style is a fresh take on the bowl cut. To achieve this style, shave the sides up to the top of your ears. Leave your hair on top long, preferably all the same length. This type of hairstyle works very well for men with straight or curly hair and does not require a lot of styling. It is very fashionable and can be dressed up or down. The style requires some maintenance of shaving the sides every month or so. We can help you at the best barbershop in Medellin, Rebels Barbers.

  • Fringe haircuts for men

Fringe cuts are back with the nostalgia for the 90’s and boybands. This style gives a soft touch without taking away from the rockstar look of the cut.

You can choose between short, long, faded, open bangs and more, but everything will depend on the type of hair you have. Consult with our team about which look is right for you. 

  • Gradient haircut

The gradient hairstyle is a modern fade, adding a more sophisticated style. This haircut starts completely shaved at the neck and moves to finger length hair on the top. This cut is usually styled with hair wax giving it a more structured feel. It does require more maintenance as the fade should be freshened up every 1-2 weeks, and day-to-day styling with wax is a must.  

  • Haircuts for men with a receding hairline

Men who have a receding hairline don’t have to worry because you can also wear a trendy haircut that helps to hide the hairline. A great option for you is a cut with an asymmetrical shape or a gradient haircut. If you like longer hair, a fringe hairstyle is good for you too.

A haircut that suits your face shape

Let’s talk about your face shape and how important it is to find a haircut that works for it. Here are some of the most common face shapes and styles that work for them:

  • Rounded face

A rounded or circular face typically works well with longer hair styles. The best 2022 haircut for a rounded face is a fringe style. The half-length will bring attention to your eyes, making your face really stand out. 

  • Oval face

The oval face is the one that resembles an egg. It is a well-proportioned type of face that usually has larger cheeks and a narrower chin. The good thing about this type of face is that most haircuts suit it well, although to be on trend for 2022 we recommend a buzzcut. 

  • Heart shaped face

A heart shaped face resembles an inverted triangle where the forehead is wider than the cheekbones. For 2022 we recommend a mushroom cut to highlight the bottom half of your face.

  • Squared face

A wide forehead and a pronounced jawline form the square face. Men with this type of face should try to soften the features by wearing short or shaved hair styles like a buzzcut. A medium length mane is also a great option which gives volume to the top of your head.

  • Elongated face

With long faces, the chin is almost the same width as the forehead. You should get hairstyles that add volume at the top, while avoiding very short hair on the sides. We recommend a gradient haircut.

Complete Guide to men's Haircuts about styles, colors, and trends for the modern man

Finally, let’s talk about hair color for the modern man:

Hair color for men, is only becoming bolder and more interesting with time. 2022 will continue this trend by leaving the traditional realm and venturing into the adventurous and playful world with bright colors like green or pink. Not everyone wants to go through the process of a radical makeover, as they must blech their hair, sometimes more than once, and not everyone likes that.

In 2021, celebrities like Zayn Malik, Jared Leto, and Joe Jonas have shown how cool different hair colors can look, especially with the right haircut. In 2022, this trend will continue where we will see bold colors, and sometimes even more than one color on the same head of hair.

For trendy haircuts in 2022 come to the best barbershop in Poblado, Medellin, Rebel Barbers.