Men’s haircut: Scissors or machine

  It is very common in barbershops that some men ask for cuts with scissors and others prefer a machine. Men have very different ideas regarding haircuts with scissors or machines since there are many myths that the machine cut is bad and damages the hair, but this is not true.

Most men’s haircuts combine both forms. On the one hand, the most traditional and artisan haircuts use scissors, whereas the machine is more about technology, speed, and efficiency. However, there are still many people who do not want a machine cut because they assume that it is not as elaborate as a scissor cut. 

Men´s Haircut with scissors or machine?

One of the main differences is that the machine makes the cut faster and uniform whereas scissors make the hair look smoother and can easily be used for different lengths. This is not possible with the machine since the hair is all the same length. You should always look for Rebel Barbers, the best barbershop in Medellín, where we have the necessary experience to use both scissors and machines for cutting.

Our expert team of barbers uses both tools to cut hair to achieve an excellent result regardless of which of the 2 options you prefer. Using a machine requires practice, which is why it is recommended to hire experts, and luckily, we have the best ones at Rebel Barbers close by.

The machine cut is much faster, but it is used only when the customer wants a more uniform cut. Many modern men’s haircuts use the machine to lower the sides and back to give the cut more definition.

When using scissors, your hair will have a smooth texture to the touch.  For thin hair, scissors are recommended since the machine tends to damage that type of hair. Although everything will depend on the cut that the client wants. The important thing is that you always go to a specialized barber so that something does not go wrong.

Scissor haircut

Cutting with scissors is more artisan as it is a type of cut that requires more time, dedication, and skills to make it as uniform as possible. With the classic scissors cut the hair grows healthier and does not leave the split ends. There are many people who only cut their hair that way because they think that the machines will damage it.

A professional usually uses both options because different looks require different tools. Nowadays it is common only to use scissors for the upper part. The scissor cut is used for men who have very fine or sparse hair in order to gain strength.

As mentioned above, everything will depend on the client and how they want their haircut

A scissor haircut tends to be neat, and the machine haircut makes your hair grow in the same way that it was cut. If you tend to have weak hair and want to strengthen it, we recommend that you get a scissor and comb cut. 

Machine haircut

There are many fears, myths, and beliefs about hair clippers/machines. The machine haircut is very common today. Many barbers use this tool because it does not require as much time. With the machine, you will be able to remove a large volume quicker. With the machine, you will also achieve a more uniform cut with the same length. The first thing to do is to make an appointment with one of our experts here at Rebel Barbers to find out the best cut for you. The machines today have evolved a lot, but even so, there are many who still think it weakens the hair. 

We can help you decide which tools are best for your haircut and whether a scissor or machine haircut is better for you. Everything will depend on your preference and the cut you want. If you are looking for the best barber in Medellin you will find our experts who can give you a haircut exactly as you wish.