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Rebels Barbershop advice: Beard grooming

A healthy and flawless beard requires you to take care of it. Moisturizing the beard is one of the most important aspects of this process and since facial hair grows from the skin, this is precisely where we must pay the most attention when caring for the beard. Wash the skin under the beard, exfoliate … Read more

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Learn about the history of barbershops and why Rebel Barbers is in your city: Poblado, Medellín

Barbershops, like their customers, have undergone big changes throughout time. From being a space in the past where speed and effectiveness was most important, to becoming a temple of ease and relaxation where the most sought-after male styles and beards are created.  Modern-day luxury barbershops, like Rebel Barbers, are committed to the demands of the … Read more

Rebel Barber Shop the place to take care of your beard

Everything you need to know about beards and how to care of it

If you are a person who wants to get into or is already in the trend of growing a beard, you should keep in mind that like many things in life, a beard requires maintenance and care. At the Rebel Barbershop, you can have your beard cleaned and styled to help you feel fresh and … Read more

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An exclusive and high-quality barbershop is now available for you in medellin

Let’s talk about those key elements that the modern man should look for in a reliable and exclusive barbershop: Reputation:  It is very important that the Barbershop you choose has positive reviews and good results.  A high-quality barbershop will also have different means of communication available with easy scheduling and quick responses. Services: Nowadays modern … Read more