Learn about the history of barbershops and why Rebel Barbers is in your city: Poblado, Medellín

Barbershops, like their customers, have undergone big changes throughout time. From being a space in the past where speed and effectiveness was most important, to becoming a temple of ease and relaxation where the most sought-after male styles and beards are created. 

Modern-day luxury barbershops, like Rebel Barbers, are committed to the demands of the most intricate styles, including innovative designs, new tools, and the best products. Luxury barbershops are even bringing the opulence of the most sophisticated bars to this new environment of male beauty. If you have developed an interest in beard grooming, and if you want to know more about the evolution of barbershops, you don’t want to miss this article! 

Rebel Barbers is located in one of the most beautiful and colorful cities in Colombia. We are the number 1 barbershop in Poblado, Medellín because we have incredible customer-oriented service with a staff specifically trained in the art of beard grooming.

History of the barbershop

Today we know them as barbershops, but… how did they come about?

Nowadays beard grooming and care have become relevant due to the growing market filled with captivated customers who, besides choosing a beard as an aesthetic option, also use it as a sign of identity.

But, do you know how the first barbershop came about? More than two million years ago, in the middle of the Stone Age, someone decided to start shaving using only a sharp stone. This rudimentary technique, although likely first started due to necessity, eventually ignited the flame that with time would create our modern day culture obsessed with beard grooming. . The barber’s trade dates back to the time of Pharaohs, when both priests and some members of royal families sought out barbers to help make them look presentable. Various civilizations began to see the beard as a symbol of respect, status, and fortitude. 

This important beginning of the history of ancient barbering is reflected in the Bible. We are told that every man who was presented before the Pharaoh had to first be attended by a barber to avoid offending the king with a “dirty” face.

However, it was the Romans who were responsible for professionalizing the beauty industry. ince the beard of Roman soldiers could easily be grabbed during battles, it left warriors vulnerable to their enemy and often resulted in a tragic end. People soon realized the importance of beard grooming not only for appearance but for survival and the industry took off. 

It wasn’t for another several hundred years until we saw another big shift in barbering. The 1930s brought a new wave of beauty and men began to sport styles mainly focused on facial hair. Thus, barbers were once again incredibly popular. 

The development of the modern barbershop began to take shape between the 1930s and the 1960s when these establishments became somewhat of a cult for many men who decided to show off a different style.

So, what is a barbershop nowadays? 

The history of the barbershop from its beginnings to the present day is aimed at serving men to improve their personal appearance, but what exactly is a barbershop today? 

Barbershops today go beyond the old-fashioned concept of only simple hairstyles and beard grooming. Barbershops today offer an incredible range of services from classic cuts to facial treatments.  Additionally, some luxury barbershops go far beyond the beauty industry by incorporating spaces such as a bar or billiards room. Every detail of the design in a luxury barbershop is taken into account.  The mixture of Old School with modern tones creates a style that feels familiar and comfortable, yet incredibly lavish.

Therefore, the concept of barbershop has evolved past the point of a spare garage with only the basics to a specially designed environment centered on comfort and affluence. Barbershops are no longer limited to being a place where you go only for a haircut, but a place to escape from everyday life, where you can feel at ease and have a good time. At Rebel Barbers, located in Poblado, Medellín, our barbershop is not only beautifully designed, but also focused on providing a unique experience for the customers – something that makes them want to go back and stay.

What’s the difference between classic and modern barbershops?

To further clarify the differences between the two definitions of barbering, here’s a little more about how the history of barbering has evolved so far. 

As we mentioned before, traditional barbering and hairdressing is a concept in which the client is specifically attended to for a beard or hair cut or shaping. The modern barbershop should also include the following aspects:

Recreation space to entertain costumers and visitors. 

A beverage bar to meet the client’s needs. 

An advisory service for each client.

This is why barbershops keep appearing in every city to recreate the care of today’s man, do not hesitate if you are in Poblado, Medellín, we and our team are ready to help you.

It is important to create trust, to give sympathy. This is the hallmark of the new barbershops, which ensure perfect service and advice, and also prioritize customer comfort. Today’s barbershops not only integrate the beard grooming space but also tend to offer more space for many other leisure activities, such as a refreshing bar or a luxurious pool table.