Lleras Park

Parque Lleras is a popular tourist destination since the local government developed the area for that purpose. You will see local stores and entertainment: local talent on the streets or live music inside a restaurant or bar; delicious local food in restaurants, a delightful cocktail, or going to the most famous club. 

A stroll between the two parks is a good plan; you can look at local architecture, a fusion between traditional red brick-colored buildings, and modern architecture highlighting gardens. While walking straight between the two parks, you will see cafes, bookstores, and clothing stores from local designers or eat at local or international menu restaurants.

You probably will see some indigenous-looking sculptures; those are from an indigenous community who used to live in the Aburrá valley. If you hear people yelling and celebrating, it is not a national holiday but a soccer match. Colombians are proud of their national soccer team; you can recognize the national soccer uniform: a yellow t-shirt with a tri-colored sleeve.

At this moment, Lleras Park is under construction; the local government is renewing the space, so, unfortunately, you can’t enjoy the Park itself but the surroundings. The surroundings of the Park have become a red district at night. We recommend going during the day.


  • Parque Lleras is for pedestrians; we recommend leaving your car at home and arriving in an uber.
  • If you aren’t the one driving, have a taxi driver or chauffeur you trust.
  • Take your time to try different places and food, and go during the day and at night.
  • Lleras Park is not suitable for minors after 6 PM. Furthermore, only people over 18+ should go at night, since there a people enjoying the nightlife.

Facts about Lleras Park


Lleras Park is in the El Poblado district, the wealthiest district of Medellin. Parque Lleras is located 1,554 meters above sea level.

The land around the Park is hilly on the east and west and connects with mountains from the Aburrá Valley. 


About 1,886 people per square kilometer live around Parque Lleras, which is very densely populated. Almost all of the area surrounding Lleras Park has houses.


The weather in Lleras Park is like Medellin’s: fresh, warm, and endless summer. However, the tropical climate has a dry and rainy season; the wettest month is May, with 336 millimeters of rain, and the driest is July, with 119 millimeters.

Our favorite spots in Lleras Park


  • Divino Cielo Bar and Restaurant

It’s a popular restaurant with nine courses, offering a sensorial eating experience. It’s in the costly range, but it’s a must-see according to people visiting Lleras Park.

  • Gato Resto Bar

Mexican-style restaurant. The price range is fair, and the servings are a good amount.

  • Ammazza Gin Garden

Ammazza gin garden offers traditional and not-so-traditional pizzas, risottos, and salads. But, of course, their gin tonics are superb.

  • Burdo

The restaurant’s name Burdo, meaning Coarse in English, can let us know the menu. They offer burgers, fries, salads, salmon bowls, and author cocktails. The restaurant has a lovely terrace.

  • Tika Dogs Gourmet

Tika Dogs offers gourmet hot dogs with the best customer service on the list.

  • Il Forno Parque Lleras

Pizzas made in a wood oven. Traditional pizzas with fresh ingredients and an airy atmosphere.

  • Roll Up SushiBurrito

The restaurant offers sushi burritos. You will love this restaurant if you want sushi with a hefty serving. The sushi has ingredients from the burritos.

  • La Causa el Poblado

Peruvian food restaurant. Peruvian food in Colombia always seeks to add local ingredients such as fruits or spices. Visit this restaurant to eat fresh fish and shellfish, divinely seasoned.

  • Del Llera Crepes

It is not a restaurant but a food cart. They make sweet and salty crepes prepared in front of you. It’s perfect for giving yourself a cheap treat.

  • Lenteja Express

Are you vegetarian? Enjoy Lenteja express, its name in Spanish means “Lentil.” You will find varied dishes: hamburgers, croquettes, salads, creams, and pasta. They also have drinks, cakes, and muffins. Its price is affordable, and the portions are generous.

  • Bastardo Restaurant

The place is beautiful, and they creatively serve the dishes. There are various food options, perfect before going to a club to dance. In addition, there are signature cocktails and food to share with friends.

Cafés and pastisseries

You will have excellent coffee in Colombia, especially in MedellĂ­n, a city near the Colombian coffee zone.

If you are a lover of Colombian coffee, enjoy the following coffee shops and try each combination of coffee beans and preparation.

  • Pergamino CafĂ©: excellent coffee with vegan dessert options.
  • Juan Valdez CafĂ©: visit the famous international coffee chain directly at home; it won’t disappoint.
  • CafĂ© Velvet Medellin: according to some google reviews, the best coffee they have had.
  • CafĂ© Noir Bar and Lounge: if you want to have a meal with your coffee, go no further.
  • Hija mĂ­a coffee: coffee, desserts, and some food options.


If you want to enjoy the nightlife of MedellĂ­n, you are in the right place. Lleras Park is known for its Zona Rosa. In addition, there are many clubs where you can dance to Latin and Colombian rhythms, such as reggaeton, trap, salsa, vallenato, cumbia, and much more. Considering that the COVID-19 measures aren’t strict anymore in Colombia, these spots are crowded.

  • SalĂłn Amador: a popular spot among international tourists. It is a small club with many tables, so there is little space to dance. The club closes at 3 AM, and there is no after-party.
  • Siente el Bajo: It’s a small club where they play mostly reggaeton and dance hall.
  • Donde Aquellos Bar: You will find signature drinks, affordable cocktails, and music, and the music is quiet, and you can chat. There is also karaoke.
  • Discoteca CabrĂłn: It’s a dress code place, and it’s not cheap. The bathrooms are clean, and the decoration of the premises is excellent. The prices of the beers indeed triple those of other bars in the area.
  • Calle 9: It is a club with two rooms. Each environment alternates between electronic and Latin music, such as reggaetĂłn, salsa, cumbia, trap, merengue, and vallenato.
  • Conejo sucio: Locals love to go to celebrate birthdays or gatherings of friends. Good music, excellent customer service, and prices are fair.
  • La Octava Bar: It is a bar with good music. You can chat since the music is quiet. A particular thing about this place is that they have a ball pool for adults.
  • La Guachafita del Lleras: It is a quiet bar. The DJ listens to your music suggestions and plays them.
  • Fonda la Catrina MedellĂ­n: It is generally terrific. Good customer service and music. The bathrooms are clean, and there is room to dance.
  • Discoteca Amarna: It is a theme bar. Depending on the theme, there are costumes, live shows, decorations, and music to make it an unforgettable experience.

Driving Directions From Lleras Park To Rebel Barbers

Driving Directions From Lleras Park To El Poblado Park